Monday, November 24, 2008

How We Watch Stuff

The New York Times Magazine just put out The Screens Issue, which focuses on "How We Watch Stuff" and our new reality:

"When you watch moving pictures these days, a theater is the last place you are likely to be. Cable, YouTube, DVDs, DVR, news briefs in the elevator and cartoons on your cellphone — through a variety of media, we now consume fragmented narratives on multiple screens. From a 16-second panda-sneeze video to 60 straight hours of 'The Wire,' this is the way we watch now."

We live in a post-television world where we're constantly looking at screens - TVs, computers, cell phones, digital billboards, you name it - they're everywhere. The NYTM explores this world, speculating on things like whether or not we will see the death of cinema as we get deeper and deeper into the digital age.

There are a few really interesting articles (and a brief interview with David Lynch), my favorite of which is The Sitcom Digresses. If you're as into this stuff as I am, you can check out the rest of 'em here.

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